Origins of the Associates 

The Associates of the Sisters of St Paul began back in 1990, when a series of weekend meetings were held for those who wished to explore the idea of Associates. The vision of the Associates was to share in the life, spirit and charism of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St Paul the Apostle. 
The 1992 Chapter recommended that the idea of Associates should be explored further and, under the guidance of Fr Diarmuid O’Murchu, “a seed was planted out of the seed of the congregation”. There was only one rule – that there should be no rules or regulations. Associates, he said, should be: "Free, fluid and flexible." 

Who are the Associates? 

Associates are a family of like-minded individuals with a shared vision to deepen one’s faith and develop. A spirituality rooted in the charism of the Sisters of St Paul. All have a story and in the sharing of these stories special and trusted friendships are created. There is a great sense of belonging that is reinforced in times of both trouble and joy. Associates are growing and changing as the Spirit leads, with no hard and fast rules. 
At the heart of Associates lies Lectio Divina, a method of reading, meditating and praying with scripture. It is a way of allowing oneself to listen to God and to hear with the "ear of one’s heart", listening for the gentle touch of God. The words of God are not to be understood. They are to be listened to as one listens to the wind in the trees and the song of the bird. They will awaken something within the heart that is beyond all knowledge. 

Associate Retreat Day 
The Associates recently held a Retreat Day at Corpus Christi Convent in Coventry. 


Associate Meetings 

Associates hold regular meetings throughout the year, alongside retreat days, occasional weekend retreats and joining with the Sisters to celebrate special events and feast days. 
There are many groups, these being based in: 
Birmingham (Selly Park) 
Leamington (Whitnash) 
And two in Ireland: 

Our Mission Statement 

Our mission statement sums up our lives as Associates 
We, the Associates of the Sisters of St Paul, 
inspired by the Gospel, 
choose to live the life of Christ 
and to share it with others in our world. 
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Sheila McAleese: