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The Sisters of Charity of St. Paul accepted the invitation of His Grace, Archbishop John Charles McQuaid, to build a primary and secondary school in the Dublin suburb of Greenhills in the mid-sixties. The Sisters of St. Paul bought the farm on which the convent and schools were built from the Taylor family. 
The Department of Education and the Sisters of St. Paul shared the cost of building the schools which opened in 1965. Today the catchment area reaches outside the parish of Greenhills and embraces neighbouring parishes and Tallaght. 
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St. Paul is the patron Saint of the schools which has as their motto “Omnibus Omnia” – All things to All. 
On the 18th January, 1965 St. Paul's Primary School was opened by the Sisters of St. Paul the Apostle. The school was set up to provide education for the girls of the area within the parish of Greenhills, which was then a rapidly growing suburb of Dublin city. In 1978, the school was divided into two separate schools, known as St Paul's Junior Primary and St. Paul's Senior Girls' Primary Schools. 
St. Paul's Senior Primary School remained under the trusteeship of the sisters of St. Paul the Apostle. Pupils progress from the Junior Primary School to the Senior Primary School while others come from adjoining parishes. At the end of the senior cycle the majority of the pupils progress to St. Paul's Secondary School which is located on the same campus. 
As a Catholic School, we continue to live, practise and proclaim Christian values, while acknowledging and respecting other cultures, religions and ethnic groups. 
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