Hackney, St Paul`s 
Introduction: Who are we? 
We are one hundred and sixty two years old! Our small community here consists of the grand total of two members, Dolores and Bernie.What we lack in numbers we make up for in enthusiasm.Together we form one branch or artery attached to the heart of our active Congregation which is known as “The Sisters of Charity of St. Paul the Apostle”.While we work in many dioceses in England, in South Africa, Ireland, Scotland and Romania, our Mother House, is in Birmingham.You may know us by another name: we have a nickname, derived from the location of our Alma Mater - ‘the Selly Parkers’. 
St John the Baptist’s Parish, Hackney 
As we are the only small community currently living in St. John the Baptist’s parish in the Diocese of Westminster, hospitality is offered to many as they pass through London on their way to and from elsewhere.Our house is a welcoming and comfortable place ‘to come home to’ when we have time to relax. Our little chapel is a haven which is conducive to quiet reflection and prayer – so we have been told! 
What do we do? 
Residing in the East End of London where we often encounter social and economic difficulties, the wheel has come round in a full circle. We are involved in the local scene and indeed, extending further as the need arises.Our work lies in the field of pastoral outreach, caring for and supporting persons afflicted by HIV/AIDS and related illnesses. It is a joy for us to be here in Hackney in our community house, working alongside our friends and colleagues who enrich and enhance our ministries. 
We pause for reflection now that we are entering into the second decade of the third millennium and ask what lies ahead for us in the future.Who can say for certain?All we know is that with St Paul the Apostle, our great Patron, we take heart in Christ’s assuring promise: ‘My grace is sufficient for you.” 
And so, we give thanks for what God has done through the many women who have lived here during the past fifteen years.