Vernon Road, St. Paul's, Edgbaston 

The History and Purpose 
On 7th October 1908, St. Paul’s School was officially opened in Vernon Road to provide for the education of Catholic girls of the city of Birmingham.On that day about 100 girls were enrolled.Today, more than The inside of the chapel which is shared between the Sisters and the school.Both staff and girls find this a welcoming ‘sacred space’, providing a quiet environment where they can meet the Lord for a few minutes of peaceful prayer, as well as using it for liturgical celebrations and assemblies.100 years on, the school, now numbering 962 on roll, still provides for Catholic girls of this city and the Sisters remain as Trustees. 
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Having lived in two houses across the road until the 1930s, the Sisters moved into this purpose built convent just before the 2nd World War. They continue to maintain a presence on site, living in one wing of the convent. 
Vernon Road
Vernon Road1