Handsworth, St. Paul's 

Who are we? We are four women of different ages, family background and lived experience. We have all responded to Christ’s call to follow him in a particular way and have committed our lives to him completely. This is our bond of connection; this unites and supports us. We are open, receptive and accepting of each other. We value each other’s uniqueness and giftedness and through our mutual trust and respect for each other we are able to live together harmoniously in spite of our differences. We care and pray for each other and give support when needed. Living as a Community Living together as a Community means we share responsibility for the day-to-day running of the house and discuss and consult together when big decisions have to be made. Whatever the decision we support our leader. We share relaxation, listen to each other, celebrate and have fun together. God Among Us We share the Eucharist daily in our parish community of St. Augustine’s taking time to be present to each other.At home our Chapel is our spiritual centre. It is here in the Divine Presence each of us relates to God in prayer both communally and individually. While we share some aspects of our spirituality we have the freedom to pursue the spirituality that best suits us. Our relationship with God is the life force, the energy that overflows in our love and service in the everyday situations we encounter. Our Ministry As a community we are rooted in Christ and with St. Paul as our patron our ministry is one of love and service to everyone we meet both in our specific work and in our parish, local shops, medical centre, visitors to our house and our immediate neighbours. Our genuine love is expressed in action.