Mission is at the heart of who we are. 

Attentive to the Holy Spirit we, the Sisters of St. Paul, place ourselves, our talents and our resources at the service of others, working collaboratively with the local and wider communities. 
By proclaiming the Gospel message of justice, peace, and care of all creation, we commit ourselves to the work of evangelisation and accept the challenge of extending Christ's redemptive love to all people. 
Both personally and communally, 
we respond to the needs of the poor,  
especially those who are denied  
dignity, voice, respect,  
and the sense of themselves as being loved by God.  
cf. Constitutions C10 
In England & Scotland, Ireland, South Africa and Romania the Sisters serve the mission through: 
Working with those marginalised 
Pastoral and Social Work 
Care of older people 
Chaplaincy, Spirituality, Retreat Work and Counselling