Lenten Reflection by Sister Maureeen Marston SP 
He stood, condemned, misquoted, misunderstood, judged. 
He stood, straight, wrongly accused, innocent, helpless. 
He stood, with integrity and the power of his truth. 
He listened to the words of accusation. 
He looked behind the mask at the person Pilate.  
He saw, the dilemma, good and evil, truth and lies, safety or dishonour. 
He heard, sentenced to death, condemned to crucifixion. 
Condemned for me. 
For me.  
Time For Reflection 
Have you ever felt you were misunderstood or blamed for something you have not done? 
Have you ever felt it was useless to explain because the other person had already made up their mind about you? 
Can you recall being a Pilate? 
Of facing the dilemma, going with the crowd or being true? 
How did you feel when you opted to please others rather than be true to yourself? 
What about the use of power? 
Recall the power you have had.  
How did you use it? 
What power do you have now? 
Prayer of Sorrow 
Lord, there have been times when I have been like Pilate lacking in integrity. 
I come to ask forgiveness.  
For judging without listening. 
Lord have mercy  
For scapegoating others.  
Lord have mercy  
For my secret pleasure at another's dishonour.  
Lord have mercy  
For twisting the truth to my own advantage.  
Lord have mercy  
For the Pilate in me. 
Lord have mercy 
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