Lenten Reflection by Sister Maureeen Marston SP 
Jesus falls the third time 
This image is taken from a church in Borneo 
You fall and hit the ground 
it all happens in a flash. 
You see the detail of the path  
and feet of passers - by. 
You feel the gravel, the trickle of blood, 
You still can`t move. 
You wait, for the one  
who bends low, 
who looks, who sees 
the anguish, pain, 
and tortured body. 
Then helps, and lifts 
and shifts the weight, 
and carries it  
with You. 
Time to Reflect 
Find a quiet space and be still. Then imagine you are on the Calvary road. 
Who are you?  
Are you one of Jesus` friends?  
Why are you there? 
What do you see? 
What do you smell? 
What is the crowd like, noisy or silent? 
What are you thinking and feeling as you see Jesus staggering under the weight of the Cross? 
What do you want to say to Jesus? 
Re-read these questions a few times and become aware of the question which holds your attention. Then very gently allow that question to deepen within you and lead you into either a conversation with Jesus or into deeper stillness.  
Be quiet, be still and listen with your heart. 
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