Teams of Our Ladyfrom the North West gathered in St. Joseph's Prayer Centre, Formby, for our annual day retreat together. The day began with Mass celebrated by Fr. Peter MHM before Sr. Annie Lunney led us in the theme of 'A Contemplative Lent'. She told us that Lent is not only a time of seasonal shift but also a time for a spiritual shift - a time of waiting and allowing God's grace to blossom into new life. She encouraged us to go inside ourselves to find God at a deeper level than perhaps we have been before. One way is to be in touch more with nature and as the centre is in such a beautiful setting we then had time before lunch to go for a walk in the woods or to the sea.  
After a lovely relaxing and enjoyable lunch we continued with a look at the desert experience. A desert taditionally can be seen as a place of fear, a place of abandonment, aplace that is empty or challenging, as it was for Jesus Himself. It is, perhaps, a good time this Lent for us to allow the desert to call us to a place to be still and reflect on our journey towards God. 
There was an opportuniy to discuss what makes it difficult for us to live contemplatively. Many ideas and stories were shared and an interesting discussion followed. The day ended with prayer before we all left to return home. It was a wonderful day and many thanks to Sr. Annie for her input and sharing. 
Teams of Our Lady is an international faith group for married couples founded in France over 50 years ago.  
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Sr. Annie 
Spring is here! 
Lunch time 
Ready for the afternoon session 
The beautiful nearby woods