World Day of Prayer for Vocations - 17th April 2016 

Sunday 17th April was the World Day of Prayer for Vocations and this year I was privileged to speak about vocations at all 3 Masses in the parish of St. Peter and St. Paul, Crosby, Liverpool, where I grew up and where our Sisters ministered for 100 years between 1860 and 1960. 
I was welcomed to the parish on for the Saturday evening Mass by the Parish Priest, Monsignor John Furnival and Fr. Roy Cooper. It seemed strange walking into a church which was so familiar to me for over 25 years. It was easy to spot the bench where we sat as a family – like many we always sat in the same place! I spotted one or two familiar faces, including one of the teachers, now retired, from my primary school days – my netball teacher, who has always worked and lived in the parish. It was also quite daunting when, as I stood at the lectern, I also saw one of the Sisters from my old secondary school. 
However, as I stood up to speak I felt both the warmth and the attention from those present and I was able to relax enough to talk about both my own vocation and vocations in general. At the end of Mass it was good to be able to have the opportunity to speak to a number of parishioners. 
On Sunday morning I again met people I had known from my days as a parishioner and as a pupil in the secondary school. I also spoke to one man who had been at school with my late Father and another who had been in YCW with him; both of these gentlemen were nearly 90! After having coffee with parishioners after both Masses I sat down for a lovely lunch with the two priests and we chatted happily about people and places we all knew before I took my leave of them with a promise to come again. 
Sr. Margaret Mattison 
Vocations Director