On 17th March 2016 Bishop David McGough opened and blessed the Door of Mercy in St. Paul`s Care Home. The Sisters gathered outside and inside the door for the Blessing Liturgy. 
"This is the door of the Lord where the just may enter." (Psalm 18:20) 
Door of Mercy Selly Park
Door of Mercy Selly Park
Door of Mercy Selly park
Today we gather here to bless this Holy Door. Let it be a reminder to all who pass through it that Jesus is the way to salvation. Let it serve as a symbol of God`s everlasting mercy and his constant invitation to us to return home to him. May the doors of our hearts be wide open to his call. May this door be open to all who seek the living God. 
Door of Mercy
Door of Mercy
Christ is the door to our salvation, the Sheep Gate to your wandering flock,the Key to the Kingdom and the Portal to Eternal Peace. 
Let us go forward and open our hearts on our pilgrimage of grace. 
Door of mercy
Our Year of Mercy Display which is situated on  
the cloister of  
St. Paul`s Convent, Selly Park.