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The Sisters of Charity of St. Paul were invited to respond to the following two questions: 
When did you first consider Religious life?  
Why a Sister of St. Paul? 
Here are some responses: 
About the age of 10, I wanted to give my life to God but definitely NOT as a Religious. However a personal invitation to attend a preparatory school run by the Sisters of Charity of St. Paul set me off in another direction. After leaving school I decided to enter Selly Park and give it a go still uncertain as to which direction to take. 
I don’t think that I chose Religious Life but that God chose me and eventually seduced me after many years of indecision – the step to enter Religious Life was taken in ‘Blind Faith’ after making a pact with God saying, “if I say ‘yes’, you must give me all the graces I need to remain faithful and the courage to do your work whatever it is!” Once I had given my FIAT a great peace came over me and I knew I had made the right choice.  
Sister Y 
I first considered Religious Life during my time at St. Paul’s College, Newbold Revel, when I was a student – Teacher Training. Before that there were many times when I felt called to Religious Life but I was interested in sport/activities and also hopefully getting married and having a family – in College I knew I was called. 
I chose the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Paul because of the example, care and concern of the Sisters in St. Paul’s College when I was a student. What particularly impressed me was their ordinariness. Every one of the Sisters was ‘equal’ and would put their hand to any work / activity in a true spirit of St. Paul. Their availability and spirituality was most impressive. Sister L 
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At the early age of 10 years. I attended a convent school run by the Sisters of St. Paul. It was then that the idea of becoming a teaching Sister appealed to me. As I grew older this never changed. 
Religious Life is a vocation. The call comes from our Divine Spouse and I chose to accept. First of all, aged 15 years. I went as a Junior for the sole purpose of testing this out and entered the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Paul two years later. Sister Z 
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At the age of 18 when attending Secondary School, I was wondering what to do, I had sisters who had already joined the convent and even though I felt called to that way of life I was anxious to know whether I had a real call from God or was just following my sisters. During Mass one morning, at a time when I was really struggling with this decision, I heard the invite from the Lord, as the priest held up the Host “Come follow Me”. I did not need any other confirmation. 
I entered the Sisters of St. Paul as they were the Sisters who ran the school that I was attending. I admired there friendliness and care of the students in the school. They seemed normal and always had time for you. Sister A 
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When in Primary School, I was very impressed by the Head Mistress, Sr. Andrea. She was a Sister of St. Paul. At that time, I thought all sisters were from the same Order. When I was 19, I was a member of the Young Christian Workers. One of our activities was attending a retreat, during which I met an old nun who asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I told her that I wanted to be a nun but I also wanted to travel. At her suggestion I went to visit Romania where the Sisters of St. Paul had started a new foundation. While I was there the Sisters received notification of Sr. Andrea's death.  
When I returned from Romania, I was still unsure of my vocation in life. To help me discern, I attended a retreat at Ministeracres. It was there I met Sr. Dympna by whose example I was really impressed. Through all these experiences I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to join the Sisters of Charity of St. Paul. Sister K 

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