On feeling called to this way of life, the enquirer contacts the Vocation Director and begins a journey of exploration through accompaniment and dialogue. This involves a mutual 'getting to know you' for both the enquirer and the Vocation Director. During this time they explore whether or not Religious Life would be life-giving and fulfilling for the enquirer. 
Getting to know each other will involve time spent in prayer, in conversation - face-to-face, on the phone or via email , Skype or other electronic means - as well as opportunites for 'Come ans See' days and weekends as well as visits to the Mother House in Selly Park, Birmingham. During this time a programme will be followed which will cover many aspects of vocation and Religious Life so that the enquirer and the Vocation Director will be able, after a time of discernment, to come to a decision about the next step to be taken. 
Sr. Margaret Mattison is our Vocation Director and she can be contacted either at 07811753163 or mags123@tiscali.co.uk